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I upgraded to the new Hi-res compatible Heos 5 Hs2 and haven't looked back. This means that it doesn’t matter which analog or USB input you use, As a second gen Heos model, this Heos 5 has more processing power under the hood than its predecessor, which doubtless helps with Hi-Res Audio playback. In terms of placement, the Heos 5’s natural habitat is shelving, tables, office nooks and kitchen surfaces – everyday locales that might equally suit a vase of Petunias. Again, these are zone agnostic and serve to set the Drive Denon Heos HS2 review: Sound quality We raved about the sound of both the original flagship Heos 7 and Heos 5 and the ability to now stream a higher quality music file to the new HS2 … have been in business they have also largely ignored the requests of the custom amps as you need to drive the rest of the speakers in the zone. There is a free app to control them from your iOS or Android phone or tablet. Transit time location dependent. Either way, The 4-Zone Denon seems like a far better choice for my own house than having 4 separate Sonos Amps. Perfect Sound Made Simple. applications, though powering on external amplifiers or subwoofers are the most While it makes a valiant attempt at sounding stereophonic, the end result can be a bit funnelled. cables, and ensure the components stay cool. “Let our rigorous testing and reviews be your guidelines to A/V equipment – not marketing slogans”. You can pair it with a second Heos 5 to create genuine stereo, but the cost will most likely be prohibitive. to make the Drive as flexible as possible, hoping that it become the go-to A great balance between the ease of set up and operation consumers demand, and the flexibility custom installers need, the Drive hits a sweet spot. The Drive fits Measuring just 294x166x209mm, the Heos 5 HS2 has a form factor that’s easy to accommodate, with a suffix that denotes compatibility with en vogue High Res Audio files, something Sonos doesn’t offer. likely use cases. High-res audio and Bluetooth meet multi-room. Picture Formats Supported HEOS 3 HS2 supports JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF album art picture formats. Fortunately, the Denon HEOS HS2 comes in at an affordable price, making it a popular choice on the shelves of department and electronic shops both in-store and online. Focusing on consumer level products may have been a fine It works with other Heos-compatible components, including the Heos HomeCinema soundbar and select Denon AV receivers, most notably the 9-channel AVR-X4300H and the 11-channel AVR-X6300H. Denon HEOS Drive H2S Network Amplifier Overview. Copyright © 1998–2020 Audioholics, LLC. But wait, just Summary With its new HS2 line, Denon has taken the performance high ground when it comes to wireless multi-room audio systems. The only on-body controls are volume and mute. Denon HEOS Drive HS2 Multi-Zone Network Amplifier Denon. High Resolution Audio Support: Yes each zone on the Drive integrates much of the functionality of the Link (USB, The HEOS app quickly finds the music on our Naim servers, as well as offering to strea… Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Denon Heos 7 HS2 review: The Heos 7 HS2 is the wireless speaker the Heos 7 should have been, combining room-filling sound and slick streaming with built-in Bluetooth and Hi-Res Audio support. Up to this point, It sits above the compact Heos 1 and desktop Heos 3, but under the Heos 7, which is a bigger, beefier proposition. Denon HEOS DRIVE HS2, MSRP: $2,499.00. It’s But Denon clearly wasn’t content to be a me-too multi-room brand. installer, I can tell you that it’s not fun to install five, ten, twenty The USB ports allow the HEOS HomeCinema ($799). moving away from the traditional mess of keypads or volume controls, IR outputs), it’s a potentially more flexible solution than purchasing Join our Exclusive Audioholics E-Book Membership Program! Cliff, like many of us, has always loved home theater equipment. Need a little more metal to your music? 21-April-2017. The Denon HEOS Drive fills a gap in the multi-room audio market that has been ignored for years. With the launch of As a custom It’s a two-way speaker design, with dual tweeters and woofers, powered by four Class D amp modules. And, Featuring three speakers of varying sizes, the HEOS 3, 5, and 7, Denon’s lineup has something for the most common room sizes.It also offers two more models for use with an existing system or with passive speakers. The soundbar weighs in a few ounces shy of 17 pounds and measures 40.125-inches … Disconnect and the speaker should be networked. Double Barrel from the Celebration: 25 years of Trojan album, has the volume and extension to warrant honorary sound system status, while club classic How Do You Do, by Cascada, thumps like a Jägerbomb hangover. Synchronicity between Heos units is excellent. Drive units: 2x tweeters, 2x woofers In high school he landed a job at Best Buy that started his path towards actual high quality audio. apart from other solutions on the market. Denon is the latest player in the wireless home audio market with their HEOS system. Shop Denon HEOS Drive 480W 8-Ch. Not mentioned cheaper. And the HEOS Drive Network Amplifier, designed for custom integration installations, acts as the center of a sophisticated whole-home sound system. I couldn't be happier with my Heos 5 Hs2 (unless I get another!) The process of getting multi-room components online can sometimes be frustrating – we’re looking at you, Yamaha MusicCast – but Heos by Denon seems reasonably obliging. Music content on a USB drive can be played back locally, or on any or all HEOS players on your network. set as a subwoofer out, the pre-outs have  adjustable low-pass filters. The analog pre-outs can be configured as  stereo outputs to drive an external amplifier, or the and loop it through each Drive. left pre-out can be configured as a subwoofer out. business decision, but it has left an opening in the market that Denon seems determined like a true performer, there’s more. Help to prevent the spread of coronavirus. We'll see how well Denon implements everything! File support is class-leading. We paired the Heos 5 in our living room with a Heos 1 in the kitchen and music flowed seamlessly between them. Pragmatic printers for the smartphone age, Denon HEOS 5 Wireless Speaker (Black) (New Version), BIG POWERFUL SOUND WITH MASSIVE BASS FOR A TRULY HEART POUNDING EXPERIENCE; HEOS 5 speakers feature 4 (4) custom full range drivers (two precision tweeters and 2 mid woofers); Best suited for medium to large sized rooms master bedrooms, kitchens, halls or a covered patio, Choose from BUILT IN BLUETOOTH AND Wi Fi to WIRELESSLY STREAM MUSIC through popular services like Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, SiriusXM, TIDAL or Rhapsody; Playback choices include: Built in Dual band wireless, USB Jack, AUX Input, Ethernet for wired networking, Connect your iOS/Android phone or tablet, or Kindle Fire device, or GIVE VOICE COMMANDS THROUGH ALEXA, Airplay 2, SIRI OR GOOGLE ASSISTANT and JOSH.AI, SET UP YOUR SPEAKER (OR SPEAKERS) IN MINUTES in 3 simple steps plug it in, tap the app, connect to wireless network and enjoy your favorite music crisp, clear and amplified, HEOS Sound, with Denon's 100 year legacy and Japanese precision technology, demonstrate our innovative craftsmanship and high quality audio solutions; Passionately engineered with meticulously designed components, the HEOS 5 speakers deliver exceptional performance. Measuring just 294x166x209mm, the Heos 5 HS2 has a form factor that’s easy to accommodate, with a suffix that denotes compatibility with en vogue High Res Audio files, something … I think folks at D&M are pretty smart and they know it. both the pre-outs and speaker outputs have adjustable high-pass filters, and when The Heos 5 HS2 featured here is the everyday workhorse of the range. When it comes to functionality, you can play multiple sources in multiple rooms simultaneously – Spotify to your office, MP3s from a NAS to the living room, and local radio to the garage. Currently, the product lineup consists of Gearing it towards installed setup and pricing it accordingly is surefire sign they aiming to that specific market. I am NOT a huge fan of their wireless speakers though, so it'll be interesting to see how Denon's compare. For here was a product that was just as easy to set up as its better-known rival, and offered comparable product choice and performance. The Heos 5 may not quite have the chops to really take sonic advantage of higher-fi files, but there’s volume and musicality, which serves most tracks well – although if you consider Bach more classic than Blue Oyster Cult, it’s probably going to struggle to completely satisfy. The triangular design may prove a little divisive, but we rather liked it. install community. Denon first introduced the HEOS wireless, multi-room platform in 2014; its obvious competition was Sonos, but the HEOS lineup and capabilities were extremely limited by comparison. individual components like the Amps or Links. If the installation needs change, you might be able to Then update the Heos with your network password. I like the Sonos amps a lot actually, but they're not the best solution for a rack. The Heos app works flawlessly and Heos is constantly updating the app to keep up with the latest technology. And, it’s actively cooled to help dissipate analog, and digital inputs, 12v trigger, plus analog outputs) and the Amp (speaker level users to take a basic external hard drive or thumb drive and play its contents inputs. In addition to MP3, AAC, ALAC and 16-bit FLAC, the speaker will also play uncompressed WAV, ALAC, AIFF and FLAC up to 24-bit 192kHz plus DSD 2.8Mhz and 5.6Mhz. that Sonos has defined this product category for years, but for as long as they wireless multi-room audio system. Denon HEOS Drive Multi-Room Audio System Preview, Dedicated preamplifier output for each zone (selectable as stereo zone or subwoofer), Two fiber optic inputs, two digital coax inputs, and four analog inputs (matrix switching), 2U (3.5-inch) rack height (with feet removed), Dolby Digital decoding (downmix to 2.0 ch). The reason is simple, it’s about logistics and flexibility. $349), and an extender (HEOS Extend - $99). repeaters, “dumb” multi-channel amps, and FM tuners. Reviews. It’s no secret The addition of Bluetooth to the Heos spec is obviously welcome. ... a USB port for playing files on a memory stick or hard drive and an Ethernet port for a wired network connection should your Wi-Fi falter. Denon’s plan here is to “transition HEOS from a product name to an ingredient”. Users can explore, Weight: 3.2kg. the above mentioned inputs and outputs, the Drive features two optical and two There’s a passive radiator for pronounced bass. For the most Flashing LEDs at the bottom of each product shows its condition – green during set-up, blue for a secure connection. Top New Review use some of the most exhaustive testing ... © 2018 Top New Review. August 6, 2016; New products; As with other systems of its ilk, the HEOS has just received a V2 makeover, the components have been given a spruce up to take into account any new technology that they may benefit from in what is a very busy field. With these 24-bit sources, the system finds extra nuance and snap. Picked up a Denon AVR-X2600H yesterday and keen to try out the Heos feature. As the multi-room audio market moves from volume controls, IR repeaters, and FM tuners towards streaming sources and IP control, Denon seems poised to be a market leader. App services include Tidal, Soundcloud, Napster, Deezer and TuneIn Radio (dependant on region). components. These three features make it easy to fit the Drive in a rack, manage Please Call 1300 967 244 For Pricing) (No reviews yet) Write a Review SKU: QU-HEDrive/2 Availability: Usually dispatched onto Courier Transport within 24-48hrs. A private seller is selling a couple of unused Heos 1 HS2 speakers for cheap but before I buy them I want to understand the limitations if any. System setup and control is via the Heos app, available for iOS and Android. choice for installers. Price Match Guarantee. Gift Guide. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. At 3kg Heos 5 HS2 is also reassuringly weighty, and undeniably well built. USB Drives Supported HEOS 3 HS2 supports USB thumb drives via the built-in USB port. One thing is certain; they don’t fit well in AV racks. Modern A/V receivers introduce a delay for processing surround sound. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Denon HEOS Link Wireless Pre-Amplifier For Multi-Room Audio - Series 2 (New Version), Amazon Alexa Compatibility, Powered Subwoofer Connection, Black with Silver, 2.91 x 6.14 x 5.83 at the speaker level and pre-outs for each zone are enabled. The inclusion of four digital inputs shows that Denon is really trying Find out how well products perform with the help of Top New Review's comprehensive tests. Designed for custom integration professionals, the Denon HEOS Drive is a unique 4 zone whole-home audio distribution system with a Class D, 8-channel amplifier in a 2RU single tall chassis that features both Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital+ decoding with stereo downmixing. In case you’re not familiar with HEOS, know that it’s a At $2,499, this 4-zone amplifier sports a host of features that makes it a flexible solution. You do need to accommodate an external power brick though, not typically a consideration with floral displays. Shop By Price. For the latest information on COVID-19, go to the CDC's website. It may not drop as low as the more expensive Heos 7, but it still knows how to party. All Rights Reserved. Similarly, Sonos introduces approx 70ms delay between it's components. Eventually, Cliff ended up doing custom installation work for Best Buy and then for a "Ma & Pa" shop in Mankato, MN. His first surround sound was a Klipsch 5.1 system. In addition to speaker outputs, each zone Each component works together to create a whole home audio ISE 2017: Denon Shows HEOS Drive Multi-Room Streaming Amplifier They have made bulletproof system, which easy for consumer to install and use. Choosing between the two brands’ products was as much a decision based on aesthetics and brand loyalty, as anything else. 1 - $199; HEOS 3 - $299; HEOS 5 - $399; HEOS 7 - $599), an amplifier (HEOS AMP There is a giant mess or power Solid streaming and High-Res Audio make the Heos 5 HS2 a must-have multi-room speaker. Over the past few years, multi-room audio has been rapidly Additionally, because A great balance between the ease of set up and operation consumers demand, and the flexibility custom installers need, the Drive hits a sweet spot. Whole home multi-zone audio in a single chassis. Most other solutions only have analog In order to connect the speakers to your wi-fi network you need to load up the HEOS app and either plug an ethernet cable into the back of the product or use a 3.5mm jack to transfer data from your smartphone or tablet to the device. four zones of audio into a single 2U enclosure and includes rack mount ears. Dimensions: 209x294x166mm While this year’s ‘HS2’ updates to the HEOS range look identical to their predecessors, they bring some notable upgrades below the hood. Connectivity comprises a USB port, 3.5mm audio socket and Ethernet. It’s a tad quirky, but works well with most musical genres. The Drive is a great step towards filling that gap. The choice is dictated simply by how many Heos speakers you have and how great your Wi-Fi range is. Connectivity: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi; Bluetooth; 1x USB; 1x 3.5mm analogue audio input; 1x Ethernet port; NAS and DLNA support Performance The Heos 5 HS2 proves an entertaining listen. It is a great update and plays all my recordings that are stored on my Western Digital NAS drive. The amps are bridgeable, so you don’t have Denon HEOS HS2 Review – Multi-room Audio Bliss. features a stereo analog input, stereo analog pre-out, USB port, and 12v Even if ALL custom A/V installers will choose HEOS system, it would still would a tiny niche compared to consumer direct sales of Sonos. The analog inputs and USB ports, a total of four each, are zone trigger output. - $499),  a pre-amp/source (HEOS LINK - You can also use Spotify via Spotify Connect. Supported audio formats: WMA; AAC; MP3; WAV; ALAC; FLAC; DSD Whether you have music on your smartphone, networked on a DLNA NAS or in an iTunes library, the app will discover it all. However, there’s no higher-quality aptX support, which is disappointing. Will Heos 1 HS2 speakers work with digital sources on AVR-X2600H? Overall, the Heos 5 is a solid standalone active speaker, and stands as a tempting gateway into the Heos ecosystem. More information can be found on Denon’s the HEOS Drive, however, it’s clear that Denon is no longer playing catchup and The little Heos 5 has a good stab at Can I Play With Madness from the Iron Maiden: Flight 666 soundtrack album, although the guitar work ends up sounding a bit stodgy, like it’s mired in a mosh pit. all of these features that set apart the Drive from the rest of the HEOS lineup Forthcoming is a wireless soundbar, ... Editor's note Sep 26, 2017: Since the review was written, the Denon Heos 1 has been updated to version HS2 which adds both Bluetooth and hi-res support. Overall the Heos 5 HS2 by Denon is well worth auditioning. All Heos speakers are dual-band Wi-Fi compatible. Proper you may be wondering why someone would choose the Drive instead of purchasing a Holiday Gift Guide 2020. There’s no timing echo. Curiously it comes with a carry handle on the rear, but it isn’t battery powered. After that he was hooked, moving from Klipsch to Polk to Definitive Technology, and so on. is now an innovator in the new reality of multi-room audio. It’s second generation Heos line, dubbed HS2, expands compatibility beyond active speakers and improves sonic performance. All rights reserved. Confused about what AV Gear to buy or how to set it up? Denon Heos Drive HS2 - amplifier overview and full product specs on CNET. Although, the real win here is the ability to have a High Res Audio music library accessible on both audiophile and multi-room systems, giving any serious music fan the best of both worlds. few HEOS Amps or Links. COVID-19. Product review: Denon HEOS Link HS2. system that’s controlled with a phone, tablet, or computer. simply adjust the Drive to fit the news needs, as opposed to buying new Designed by custom integration specialists for custom integration professionals, HEOS Drive is a unique 4 zone whole home audio distribution system with 8 channels of Class D amplification, all in a 2RU single chassis that features both Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital+ decoding with stereo downmixing. The four 12v trigger Can't wait to get some hands-on time with the Denon. All models now support high-resolution audio, currently with … Where to Buy the Denon HEOS HS2 Wireless Speaker Portable, wireless, speakers aren’t a new thing, but those interested usually have to pay a pretty penny to get a hold of one. The HEOS Drive retails for $2,499 and is an eight-channel multi-room amplifier Build quality and functionality can be considered excellent. It certainly improves the convenience of the speaker. Different zones play out without any discernible delay. really where the need for the Drive is at. situations where you have more than two speakers in a zone, as you can use the Perhaps unhelpfully, Denon doesn’t publish technical specifications, but we can confirm this compact table-topper has admirable grunt. The Denon HEOS Drive fills a gap in the multi-room audio market that has been ignored for years. It works with other Heos-compatible components, including the Heos HomeCinema soundbar and select Denon AV receivers, most notably the 9-channel AVR-X4300H and the 11-channel AVR-X6300H. We quizzed Denon about this and they confided that it was simply a limitation of the chipset that it has chosen for the HS2 range. In addition to to fill. agnostic. website and by watching this HEOS introductory video. components. That’s in any room. Denon’s wireless HEOS ecosystem is gaining a reputation as one of the most flexible and best-sounding multi-room platforms around. When Heos by Denon arrived in 2014, the world of wireless multi-room audio finally had a convincing alternative to market leader Sonos. The Denon Heos HomeCinema HS2 package is neatly laid out with everything you need. browse, and play music from an existing music library, online streaming music Read honest and unbiased product reviews … have mono summed capabilities, so you can use a single speaker in a zone. The competition better take notice because installers and consumer are sure to. ventilation is a chore, and it’s difficult to even find space to fit all of the as any of them can be shared across the entire HEOS system. to worry about running out of power. services, and Internet radio stations. heat. and from the competition. manufacturers playing catch up to the likes of, well, Sonos. The speaker level and line level outputs Build quality and setup The Heos 5 HS2 is relatively compact, but comes across as a well-balanced mid-ranger. internal HEOS amps for two of the speakers and then hook up as many external Designed by custom integration specialists for custom integration professionals, HEOS Drive HS2 is a unique 4 zone whole home audio distribution system with 8 channels of Class D amplifi cation, all in a single 2U tall chassis that features both Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital+ decoding with stereo downmixing. Multiroom Amplifier Black at Best Buy. This is great for (Class-D, 60WPC) with four HEOS zones. Two Ethernet jacks on the back allow you to take a single Ethernet connection part, I think this has been great for consumers, but has left many All reviews. First link the speaker to your smartphone by the supplied 3.5mm cable. It has been moving towards cords, speaker wire, and Ethernet cables that need to be managed. streaming sources, IP control, and wireless single-zone amps. seven wireless products: four speakers (HEOS outputs are also configured per zone and can be used for any number of The major down-side with Sonos is that the system does not play ‘nice’ with existing A/V receivers. That USB input also enables you to play content locally from a thumbdrive. Get the Audioholics AV Gear Guide Ebook FREE! digital coax inputs. HEOS Drive HS2 comes with removable feet and attachable rack ears, ... HEOS by Denon is a Wireless Multi-Room Sound System comprising a family of great-sounding music players for your whole home. individual components. In either situation, both Denon Heos 5 HS2
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