Blue Daze Evolvulus. The plants were put in last October. This plant prefers full sun but will grow in partial shade; It needs well-drained soil and is drought-tolerant. The Blue Daze can thrive nearly anywhere, from coastal areas to containers. Tender. Wide range. Scientific Name: Evolvulus Glomeratus Type of Plant: Tropical/Perennial Description: Low lying ground cover perennial with soft light bluish green velvety foliage and blue blooms. Be careful where you plant them, as all parts of this plant are highly poisonous. Blue Daze blooms profusely and almost continuously throughout the warm season. Blue Daze Blue Daze SKU: $3.75. Will grow in FULL SUN or FULL SHADE Add to cart. N/A. Moisture: Evolvulus needs a well drained soil, but also frequent watering. The one-inch flowers bloom during the day, closing if rain approaches. Height - Grows 6" to 10" tall (15 - 25 cm) I have lost VA plants planted a bit too early in the spring and they wither at the first sign of frost in the fall. Evolvulus glomeratus -- Blue Daze Page 3 October 1999 Pest resistance: long-term health usually not affected by pests Use and Management Once established, Blue Daze does not require additional watering, in the eastern US, surviving on almost any soil in full sun to partial shade with light fertilizations. While they start out blue, they will turn a lovely shade of yellow during summer. Culture Evolvulus grows well in full sun in poor sandy soils that are well drained. Bloom color: true blue. Specifications. Uses. Bloom color: true blue. - sun Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis spp. 'Blue My Mind' Blue Daze is an improved variety of Blue Daze. Container gardening in the shade can be a bit tricky. Bulbine (Bulbine frutescens) Attracts butterflies with orange or yellow flowers. It gets about 4-8 inches tall and 2-3 feet wide. Grows best in fertile, well-drained soil. This list of blue plants for containers in the shade will have the pots on your patio, walkway or porch looking beautiful all summer long. Height: 6-12″ Width: 2′ Blooming: Mid-summer through early fall. It's especially attractive grown in masses near yellow or pink flowering plants. Moisture: Evolvulus needs a well drained soil, but also frequent watering. But your Blue Daze Morning Glory’s best benefit is its history as a proven performer. Often suffers from a leaf fungal disease in summer. €15.00 . Loves the heat and sun. ... EVOLVULUS glomeratus 'Blue Daze' (#EVOBLD4) EVOLVULUS glomeratus 'Blue Daze' ... Bloom time: summer-fall. The cultivar, 'Blue Daze' is widely available. Sunglasses VANS Spicoli 4 Shade VN000LC0ZIA1 Black/White Che . €155.00 . This non-vining tender perennial with trailing stems is native to Brazil and Paraguay, where it grows in … Sunglasses HUGO 1060/S Palladium 010 . of direct sun Grows to about 12"T x 18"W Tender perennial Add to cart. Plant in full sun or partial shade. Water: moderate. Sun Containers: Sun or Shade Containers: Shade Containers: Develop Your Flower Palate: Newsletter Archive Plant Search » Blue Daze Evolvulus: Blue Daze Evolvulus Zip: Radius Enter a zip code to list local retailers that sell this plant. Well-draining soil Overall size about 2 feet. The Blue Daze, is a pleasant evergreen shrub that grows low to the ground. )- part sun to light shade Blue Daze; Previous Post Next Post . common names: Blue Daze, Brazilian dwarf morning glory The Latin word evolvulus means ‘unrolled’, i.e., non-twining; and glomeratus is also Latin, ‘gathered into a ball’. Blue Daze. Light: Evolvulus does best in full sun, but can tolerate a little shade, especially at midday. Blue Daze is a standout in beds and borders or as a ground cover. In FL it flourishes year round as a bushy shrub standing 1-2 feet tall. Blue Daze – Evolvulus-prostrate to upright annuals and perennials grown for their bell-to funnel-shaped blue flowers. Full Sun to Partial Shade- A low growing trailing plan with small closely set gray-green leaves. Exposure: sun or light shade. Evolvus - please refer to plant caretag for specific variety information . Colours - Blue with white centres.. Flowering period - Evolvulus blooms profusely and almost continuously, but each flower lasts only a day, opening in the morning and closing by afternoon.. Beautify containers with a waterfall of blue petite blooms or grow as a flowering groundcover at the garden's edge. Use/Comments: Mass plantings, groundcover. $3.75 - $6.00. Sun. Blue Daze (Evoloulus) is a semi-woody tropical annual that makes a great summer annual! Green leaf for shade, bronze leaf for sun. Hire our experienced landscaping team to take your home to the next level After a few years it can become a bit overgrown (still looks OK though). Feb 25, 2020 - Earth Works, Jacksonville, Florida, a landscape firm specializing in landscape design, hardscapes, water features and landscape installation. Good low border or container plant. Gardenality is a gardening-centric site made by gardeners for gardeners with tools that enhance any gardening for the expert to the weekend gardener. Deadheading not necessary. Close X €18.00 . Yes. Produces flowers from spring to autumn. All attract hummingbirds, especially the red ones, and are great picks for hot, dry sites where you want tons of color all season. If you have problems with deer and rabbits eating your flowers, this is the perfect one to grow as the scent will help keep them away. Grows in zones 3-9. Blue Daze . 10 Best Blue Plants for Containers in the Shade. Sunglasses VANS Rays For Daze Sun VN0A4A1QVBY1 Zen Blue . Part shade to shade. Evolvulus nuttallianus 'Blue Daze' Flower Family. And it even impresses as a flowery groundcover in growing zones 9-11 to add eye-catching flair to bare corners of your landscape. Blue Daze (Evolvulus glomeratus ‘Blue Daze’) - sun Blue Lobelia (Lobelia erinus) - sun to light shade Blue Salvia (Salvia farinacea) - sun Cleome (Cleome hasslerana)- sun Euryops Daisy - sun Flowering Tobacco (Nicotiana spp.) Full sun to part shade. Botanical Name. Most salvias don't like cool weather, so plant them outdoors after all danger of frost has passed. It matures to an average height of 1 inch to 1 foot and an average width of 1 foot to 2 feet, depending on climate and other environmental factors. €18.00 . In the morning, the plants are full of beautiful, bright blue blossoms, but I've noticed some of the foliage is turning yellow. 1 quart pot cold-sensitive perennial plant in sun, part sun, or part shade height 12-20" spread 20" attracts pollinators drought tolerant deer resistant Delivery is FREE on orders over $25 to Lewes, Milton, Rehoboth Beach, Harbeson, Dewey Beach, Millsboro (east of 113), and Georgetown (east of 113). Needs well-drained soil. Last week, I talked about how to plant beautiful containers using thrillers, fillers and spillers. When mature, each plant will spread 2 to 3 feet and reach a height of 1 foot and it's pleasant blue flowers will bloom throughout the growing season. Use in hanging baskets, flowerbeds, or as a border. It has blooms on low spreading foliage with fuzzy grey-green leaves. I live in central Florida and have Blue Daze planted in my garden as a ground cover. May not survive a hard freeze in North FL. Blue Daze blooms a shade of blue that is hard to … Foxglove is known for its wonderful patterns and makes quite the statement when planted in mass amounts. Annual Evolvulus glomeratus ‘Blue Daze’ Size: 1 Gallon Code: 2210-1 Exposure: Sun to Part Shade Dimensions: 6-12" H x 12-15" W Water: Water regularly until established Blooms: Medium blue blooms mid to late Spring through Summer Fertilizer: Feed with ColorStar Groundcover or border plant. Known for its towers of blooms, this classic favorite has long graced many gardens. Unavailable per item Potential Height: 6 - 12" Potential Width: 24 - 36" Full Sun to Part Shade; Moderate Water; Moderate Growth Rate; Blue Bloom; pot size 1 Gal 3 Gal Quantity. Fruit: No Climate Requirements: Prefers sun to partial shade and a warm climate to thrive. Blue Sage (Eranthemum pulchellum) C, S. Upright. Thrives in hot locations where other plants fail. ASIAN JASMINE, 4" POT . Add to Cart We Would Love to Have You Visit Soon! 1-2' Blue/ Year-round. During the months of June and part of July, we have had lots and lots of rain. ... Blue Daze is a Full Sun Heat Lover Needs at least 6 hrs. Rays For Daze Sun VN0A4A1QVBY1 Zen Blue . Native to Brazil. Common Name. HOME Plant Library Contact | … It loves heat and sun; provide fertile, well-drained soil supplied with a slow-release fertilizer. Features - Dainty blooms on spreading plants.. Spacing - Plant 12" apart (30 cm). Grow in light, moderately fertile, well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Size: 6-12" x 24". Evolvulus glomeratus Low growing, somewhat spreading annual that bears blue flowers even in the hottest of weather. Blue Daze CAPE CORAL. Same vivid blue color. This showy plant has small trailing stems to 20” long with ½” wide blue flowers that bloom all summer long. Blue Daze has true-blue ruffled petals and silvery-green leaves. When planted under trees, blue daze will not bloom as profusely as it does in full sun. 3-5' Deep blue/ Winter. While it will welcome afternoon shade, blue daze needs at least six hours of sun per day. Cuttings. Foxglove looks much like its name, containing glove-like bells that come in an array of colors. Evolvulus Glomeratus 'Blue Daze' is a fast growing annual bedding that can be grown in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 7B through 11. Bright blue flowers close up for a midday nap. See other products (0) Be the first to review this product . Blue Daze (Evolvulus glomeratus) Grows 8 to 10 inches tall and is often used as a groundcover. It is more compact and has more flowers. Blue Daze. Easily grown, requiring little maintenance. A small spreading ground cover for sunny areas. Has velvety, green foliage. $1.99 'Golden Goddess' Bamboo is a non-invasive, clumping bamboo. Exposure: sun or light shade. Water: moderate. €124.00 . Blue Daze (Evolvulus glomerata 'Blue Daze') N, C, S. Spreading. New -20% . BLUE DAZE 1G. Pollinators such as bees and butterflies like to visit its sweet blooms. Grow in moderately fertile, well-drained soil in full sun. Powder-blue funnel-shaped flowers with white eyes bloom throughout summer. Whether you have sun or shade, a dry garden or lots of rainfall, there's a salvia that you'll find indispensable. My Blue Daze is in the shade, but in the morning, it receives sun. Once established it can be quite drought tolerant. But blue daze cannot be grown anywhere. Size: 6-12" x 24". It cannot tolerate wet soils at all, and very rainy periods or overwatering will cause fungus problems and lead to premature death. Amount of Sunlight: Full Sun / Partial Shade Amount of Water: Frequent watering / little watering in Winter Soil Conditions: Well drained soil Cold Hardiness Zone: 8-11 The Care Blue daze is a low maintenance, mostly pest and disease free plant. Unit of Measure. 10-12' tall x 10-12' wide. Light: Evolvulus does best in full sun, but can tolerate a little shade, especially at midday. Oct 23, 2014 - Evolvulus glomeratus, better known here as Blue Daze or Hawaiian Blue Eyes makes a very nice low ground cover with attractive true blue flowers. It is very sensitive to cold. Blue daze is spectacular in container gardens and hanging baskets, where it's branches will cascade over the edges.
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