$2.45 shipping. Cover with 1/4” of finely sifted soil. Trending Stories. It is a large, mild, and sweet onion with crunchy white flesh. Vegetable, Herb, Flower, Cover Crop, Microgreens seeds & more. The Seed Company, based in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, posted an ad for Walla Walla onion seeds on Facebook last month but it was blocked due to being 'overtly sexual.' Before planting Walla Walla onions, cut an X in the top of the onion to allow the stalk to emerge. Spring planted Walla Walla sweet onion seeds result in bulbs that are not quite as mild as the overwintered ones. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Organic Walla Walla Onion Seeds (175 days) The story of the Walla Walla Sweet Onion is said to have begun over a century ago on the Island of Corsica, off the west coast of Italy. Thin bunching onions to every 1″ and bulb onions to every 4″. Onion Seeds Walla Walla Sweet Onion 50 thru 1,000 seeds The Walla Wall Onion is the Washington State Vegetable it is a 90 day onion. Planting: Onion seed should be planted as soon as the soil can be worked, depending on spring weather. Plan to use quickly, they're not meant for long-term storage. Walla Walla onions are sought after for their sweet, crisp, juicy white flesh. In the Northwest, which has normal low winter temperatures above -10°F (-23°C), seed is sown in late August, and a crop of very large, flattened, ultra-mild onions is harvested early the next summer. For onions to grow properly, the soil needs to be loose and well-draining; compact soil will affect the size and shape. The bulbs will be smaller, 2 ½-3 inches across, but they'll have the same sweet flavor. Walla Walla onion seeds offer sweetness and crunch without the tears. Be the first person to review this product. A delicious, mild, sweet onion, measuring about 4 inches across. The Walla Walla onion is a medium to large, yellow fleshed, sweet onion. When fall sown and allowed to overwinter, the round globes often attain a 5-6 inch diameter. Days to maturity are calculated from date of direct seeding.Culture• Onions are photoperiodic plants — they regulate their stages of growth by day length• Onions will make top growth until the critical light duration is reached, then bulbing begins• The amount of growth and development prior to bulbing will determine the bulb size• Long-day varieties do well in northern states where summertime day length is between 14-16 hours• Short-day varieties do well in southern states and bulb when day length is 10-12 hours; they won't get very large in northern states• Dividing line between short-day and long-day varieties is generally accepted as 36° latitude, roughly along the Kansas/Oklahoma border• Day-neutral and intermediate-day varieties start bulbing when day length is 12-14 hours; can be successfully grown anywhere • Onions prefer light, sandy, loamy soils• Apply 1/4-1/2 cup of TSC's Complete fertilizer per 5 row feet, 1-2 inches below transplant or seedDirect Sowing• Thin to the strongest plant when 4-5 inchesTransplanting• Sow up to 10-12 seeds in a 4-6 inch pot• If tops reach over 5 inches before transplant, cut to 3 inches• When planting out carefully separate the seedlings and place in a shallow trench • Fill trench around seedlings and water in well Insects & Diseases• Common insects: Onion thrips and maggots• Insect control: Neem oil or Predatory Nematodes• Common diseases: Fusarium basal rot, pink root • Disease prevention: 5-7 year crop rotationHarvest & Storage• For scallions: harvest when pencil size or larger, wash and trim roots, store in a bag at 36°F and 95% relative humidity• As bulbs approach maturity, withhold water so protective paper can form• After about half the tops have fallen, push over the remainder; wait about 1 week then harvest • Cure in a warm (75-80°F), shaded, well-ventilated location until outer skin and necks are dry, then trim tops, leaving one inch above the bulb• Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area • Check occasionally and immediately remove any sprouting or rotting onions What is pelleted seed?Seed that has been coated with a clay-based material to form a larger, round shape. Sweet type; stores 1-2 months. IN-STOCK ORDERS SHIP THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY VIA THE US POST OFFICE. Thresh out the seeds and store them in a cool, dry place for up to 2 years. Plant the seeds 1/2" deep in a flat 2-3 months before the last frost date; keep the soil moist and at room temperature. In short-season areas, for transplanting sow seeds indoors in flats in late February to mid-March. All pelleted seed has a National Organic Program (NOP) approved coating. The plants will flower and go to seed. Store in a cool, dry place. Use in a variety of cooking methods to provide fresh flavours to your salads and a great source of fibre to your homecooked dishes. 300 seeds/pkt) Instructions: For the finest onions, seed Walla Walla Onion seeds directly outdoors in full sun and well-drained soil. When seeds are planted in early spring, bulbs don't get quite as big or taste as sweet as the ones wintered over. How to Grow Onions. Start them early and transplant out as soon as the soil can be worked. Seeds can be planted either in the spring for fall harvesting or in August for over wintering. In warmer locations, simply apply a thick layer of mulch and remove it in the early spring. For direct-seeding, plant seeds 2″ apart along the row with a row spacing of 24″. Planting: Onion seed should be planted as soon as the soil can be worked, depending on spring weather. In areas with very cold winters, pull up the onions and cut off half the stem; store them at 32-40 degrees F in a dry place until spring, when they can be replanted. 125 days when spring sown. When the skin dries, cut the tops down to 1" and trim the roots. When quality matters, plant Territorial Seed. When growing onions, you generally over seeds with 1/4″ of fine soil. McLean said there was nothing sexual about the ad for the Walla Walla sweet onion seeds. McLean posted a screen shot of the not-so-steamy vegetables on Facebook Saturday, writing, “Just got notified by Facebook that the photo used for our Walla Walla Onion seed is … Recommended by USU. Plant 2 seeds every 2". McLean says there was nothing sexual about the ad for Walla Walla sweet onion seeds. Continue Shopping. For the our area, i.e. About The Organic Gardening Catalogue. (Heirloom) Very mild sweet onion if allowed to winter over. A very large, juicy onion with a mild sweet flavour. Walla Walla Onion seeds. Walla Walla Onion Seeds - Non-GMO & Heirloom. Type: Open Pollinated, Heirloom, Cool Season|Warm Season, USDA Zones: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. Planting Walla Walla Bulbing Onion Seeds. Walla Walla onions are not attractive to deer; they also tolerate cold well. Allow 6″-18″ between rows. Thin the seedlings 2-6" apart, depending on the desired size. Pull them from the earth, brush off the dirt, and leave them to cure in the sun for a week. Organic Onion Seeds - 7 Varieties of Heirloom and Non-GMO Red, Yellow, and Green Onions for Planting. Its flavor is mild and sweet and is best used raw. The CBC reported that Facebook pulled an ad from Gaze Seed Company's Walla Walla onion seeds due to its picture of onions in a wicker basket. Biennial Walla Walla is an intermediate-day onion with a light-brown skin and white flesh. The bulbs will be smaller, 2 … Tastes great raw or cooked. When seedlings reach 4″ tall, thin or transplant 6″ apart. 125 days when spring sown. For companion planting benefits, plant onions with members of the cabbage family, lettuce, or tomatoes; avoid planting onions with peas or beans. An extremely sweet, mild and large onion that is easy to grow from seed. For direct sowing, sow three seeds per inch 1/2" deep in light, rich soil and full sun. Onion - Walla Walla - Allium cepa (Cepa group). 'Walla Walla' - (Non-GMO) - Super Sweet - Onion Seeds CA$1.99 A very sweet onion. These are a long day onion meant for growing in Northern latitudes where the sun shines for 14+ hours per day. Sowing: Since onions take a few months to mature from seed, gardeners with a short growing season may want to start their Walla Walla onion seed indoors. Walla Walla Onion Seeds - Allium Cepa - 1 Grams - Approx 285 Gardening Seeds - Vegetable Garden Seed. Plant the seeds 1/2" deep in a flat 2-3 months before the last frost date; keep the soil moist and at room temperature. When the tops begin to flop over, cut them off to 3" to focus the growing on the roots. Sowing: Since onions take a few months to mature from seed, gardeners with a short growing season may want to start their Walla Walla onion seed indoors. When fall sown and allowed to overwinter, the round globes often attain a 5-6 inch diameter. Spread the heads out in a dry place with good ventilation, and let them dry for several weeks. Does not keep well. And … Intermediate day type. In areas with warmer winters, onions may be grown as a fall or winter crop. While most onions are grown strictly for culinary use, the Walla Walla produces a large, rounded cluster of white blooms at the end of a long stem. Very limited quantities available. The Walla Walla Onion will get about 24 tall and produce a bulb that can weigh up to 2 pounds this is the sweetest flavor of any long day onion. Mature bulbs vary in size from 5-10cm (2-6”). Onion lovers won't want to miss out on these mild giants. Bulbing onions are dependent on day length for bulb production; short-day onions produce bulbs when they receive 11-12 hours of daylight, long-day onions need 14-16 hours (latitudes north of 35º), and moderate day onions like Walla Walla and Gladstone fall in between these. Onion Seeds - Walla Walla. Walla Walla Sweet Onion Seeds Great cold hardiness makes it a good choice for short-season climates! (approx. Sign up today and save 10% off of your next order. View Basket. Transplant to the garden 1″ apart for bunching and 4″ apart for larger bulbs. All Rights Reserved. SPRING PLANTING: Walla Walla may be spring planted using seeds or plants in colder regions where winter survival is hit or miss. use, the Walla Walla produces a large, rounded cluster of white blooms at the end of a long stem. Some say this is the world's best tasting onion. You will savor their mild flavor and crisp texture. © Copyright 2019 Territorial Seed Company. The Seed Company by EW Gaze, in St John's, Newfoundland, had wanted to post a seemingly innocent advert for Walla Walla onion seeds on Facebook. A long-day type only suited for … 2-3 seeds per cell and thin when 2″ tall. Walla Walla has been the pride of Washington State's onion-producing region for generations. A short keeper so use them first. It's mild in taste and less aromatic than any other regular growing onions and provides less sulphur content. Once seedlings emerge, thin seedlings to a 6″ plant spacing along the row. Thin to 5 inches apart when plants are 6 inches tall. The low amounts of pyruvic acid in these onions allow for it to be less sharp and unpleasant, and the high amount of sugar and water in them makes them absolutely wonderful when cooked. 125 days to harvest. At Territorial Seeds our products are backed by our. In mild-winter areas plant in August for harvest early next summer. Sow seed early in spring to produce flattened, globe-shaped, golden-skinned bulbs up to 4 inches across. This ion is a Fertile, moist soil enriched with compost is best for onion production.