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Easy care in a warm part shaded position, the Poinsettia is a colourful foliage plant that commonly appearing at Christmas time. You may wish to ask an employee how long the plants have been on display, and pick one which has only just arrived, to reduce the risk that it has suffered cold stress or draughts while in the store. But there are plenty of things you can do to keep it looking healthy for the duration of the holiday season. If your windows are a bit leaky and prone to drafts, it may be better to place your plant in a bright position away from the windows. Euphorbia pulcherrima. Cold damage occurs when poinsettias are exposed to temperatures of 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7.22 degrees Celsius) or below. Poinsettia plants grow best during the winter months, which is why they are the most popular potted plant during the holidays. Once the outside night time temperature is consistently above 10 °C, you should move your poinsettia outside to a bright, shaded location. Poinsettias are a lovely gift for Mothers day, Christmas or used as a table centrepiece or decoration around the house. But these festive plants, which range from the traditional red to pale yellow, can be a mystery when it comes to care and maintenance. Poinsettia plants thrive best in slightly moist soil. Look for plants with healthy, dark green foliage. Poinsettias care isn't very difficult, but there are few things to know about these Christmas favourites to help them last longer. You may wish to try misting your plant, placing it next to other houseplants, or placing it on a wide based humidity tray, to increase humidity and keep your plant happy. Come Christmas time, poinsettias are sold left and right. Temperatures higher than the ideal range can result in a shorter lifespan for your poinsettia. January to March: Keep watering the poinsettia whenever the surface is dry. Be careful that the stem does not begin to shrivel. DON’T Forget to Protect the Plant in the Car. The shrubs were once considered weeds in Mexico. During the holidays, while in full bloom, they typically enjoy semi-cool, humid locations in bright, indirect light with plenty of moisture. Poinsettias are typically grown and sold as annuals, however you can grow poinsettias year after year. You can then slowly move your poinsettia into full sunlight over the course of a few weeks. Any good quality all-purpose liquid plant food is suitable for feeding a poinsettia, although … We may earn an affiliate commission if you buy from one of our product links, at no extra cost to you. Here are some tips on poinsettia care that can help extend those blooms as long as possible — and maybe even encourage your poinsettia … With a bit of luck, your poinsettia should be blooming and looking spectacular. According to New Mexico State University, Poinsettias are so popular because they are a plant that flowers in mid-winter. A window that faces south, east or west is the best location to place your Poinsettia. the first thing to do to make sure that your poinsettia Care after Christmas is it excess, is to make sure that you care for the plant well during the winter, and follow the poinsettia care tips above. Poinsettia infestation is usually present when you purchase the plant, so the most important thing is to examine the plant closely before you purchase and bring it home. The poinsettia actually gets it top leaf color from bracts, like these white one on this gorgeous plant. At the start of October, comes the most crucial step to encourage your poinsettia to bloom for Christmas. Cold damage occurs when poinsettias are exposed to temperatures of 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7.22 degrees Celsius) or below. This should be done once at the start of July and again in mid August ideally. I would recommend placing your plant in complete darkness from 6pm to 8am every day from 1st October to 30th November. After Christmas, you should continue to  water your poinsettia as normal until the end of March, before reducing the frequency of watering and allowing the plant to dry throughout April. Poinsettias like soil that is lightly moist at all times. Poinsettia plants that are exposed to excessive light will develop fading of the color of their bracts. Look at the small yellow flowers in the middle of the plant to ensure they are still in bud form. If you want to keep it, you can do so. Indoor poinsettias love a moist environment, but are also prone to root root. Some stores sell poinsettias in cellophane cones that … Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Poinsettias are synonymous with the festive season, when we all have our central heating on and indoor air can become very dry. However, if you purchase a young plant early in the season, your poinsettia will thrive better by feeding with a general purpose, water soluble fertilizer every two weeks. For this reason, it’s a good idea to take your poinsettia home without excessive delays, to avoid exposing the plant to long periods of cold outside, or excessive heat inside a car. – Michelle R. ANSWER: Don’t feel too bad. A few weeks later, you should repot your poinsettia in a larger container, using fresh, well draining potting soil. And taking care of them properly will yield and maintain lively, colorful leaves. If you but a young plant, which is still developing its flowers and colorful bracts, you will need to ensure that the plant gets 12 hours of bright, indirect light each day, regular feeding every 2-3 weeks to ensure healthy maturation of the plant. Learn how to care for your Poinsettia plants. While you won't be throwing those Christmas dinner leftovers to your plant, poinsettias do enjoy a little plant food from time to time to keep them looking their best. Copyright © 2020. Once the top inch of the soil is dry, it’s time to provide the plant with some more water. Your poinsettias should never remain outdoors overnight. Make sure to isolate any plant that is identified to have pests on it, to prevent spread to other healthy plants. How to Care for Poinsettias. Take care when pruning as the milky sap that is released by this plant is poisonous if consumed. Poinsettias, despite being popular during the holiday season, are tropical plants, native to Mexico. They are a given in the Christmas season as Whams' Last Christmas is. If temperatures fall below this range, the plant may drop its foliage or start to suffer from cold stress. If you thought that all Poinsettia plants had red flowers then think again. As mentioned previously, it is also crucial to wrap your poinsettia up to take it home to protect it from draughts and sudden temperature changes. It’s not just cold draughts that can cause problems for poinsettias, but warm ones also. Poinsettia Plant Care Keep your Poinsettia plant near a sunny window where it will have the most available sunlight. Gardening Channel. If possible, check the soil before buying. If your poinsettia came with paper or plastic wrapping around the pot, you should ensure that this does not occlude the drainage holes in the pot, or consider removing it. Avoid plants that have damaged lower leaves or evidence of previous leaf drop. Excessive cold or draughts can cause leaf drop to occur within days, so it is important to confirm that your plant has been looked after well in the store. Temperatures towards the lower end of the temperature range will reduce the metabolism of the plant and prolong blooming time. Years ago, when I worked in a plant nursery, I wasn’t crazy about taking care of the poinsettias at Christmastime. How to water poinsettias Every year my blooms fall off and they look terrible after just a few weeks. Your email address will not be published. Poinsettia (botanical name: Euphorbia pulcherrima) are a native plant of Mexico, where the plant is a flowering shrub that will grow 10-15 feet tall. Poinsettia “blooms” are actually bracts, and not a flower at all. Many people buy poinsettia plants to decorate for Christmas and aren't sure how to care for them when the red leaves fall away. Poinsettias are cheery plants that are widely grown indoors over Christmas for their brightly coloured bracts. This is a good tip I use to pick the best location for my poinsettias. You should consider adding some pebbles to the base of the pot to increase drainage and decrease the risk of root rot. Poinsettias produce an irritant milk sap from their leaves and stems when cut. Poinsettia care begins with proper light, water, and temperature conditions. The best indoor spot for a poinsettia is in a west-facing or south-facing window. Remove the foil wrapper that many poinsettias come with, or at least poke holes in the foil wrapper to allow excess moisture to drain out of the plant’s container. If you live in a place with mild winters, you can plant the poinsettia outside as a … It is most likely to be a problem if you purchase a young plant early in the season. It may be a bit of effort, but it’s so worthwhile and very satisfying to successfully re-bloom a poinsettia. If you want your holiday guests to be greeted with poinsettias when they approach your front door, wait until just before your company will arrive to place the poinsettias outdoors. At the end of April, you should prune it back to about 4 in 10 cm above the soil. All Rights Reserved. If they are exposed to temperatures below 10 Â°C (50 °F), this can cause them to drop leaves and bracts. Once night time temperatures start to fall again in September, you should bring the plant inside again, and place it in a location conducive to healthy growth. Care and Maintenance Below are some of the most useful tips to ensure the tip-top shape of your poinsettia: If the bracts have fallen, this is an indication that it is about time to discard the plant. The poinsettia plants you purchase during the holiday season have been forced into bloom by growers in time for the festivities. I’m here to share my experience and help you have more success and enjoyment growing plants. Categories Houseplants, Woody Shrubs/Ornamentals Tags Poinsettias. You should water the poinsettia enough that water drains out the bottom of the plant, but avoid watering excessively. Following this, you should only water the plant when the soil is dry to the touch. They're beautiful, festive, and easy to take care of. Before purchasing, shop for healthy-looking plants that have been kept away from drafts and excessive heat. Water the plant well and leave it in a bright location. Examine your poinsettia carefully before purchasing, as this will ensure that you pick a healthy plant that will thrive and provide color in your home for as long as possible. 7 Ways To Make It Bloom. Always wear appropriate protective equipment when pruning. Any bright location in your home will be suitable for a poinsettia. It should be neither dripping wet nor totally dry, and if it is, … This is often a sign of insufficient light. Breeders are bringing us more varieties each year, different color combinations to add even more interest to the Christmas plant. Make sure that you provide plenty of light during the other hours of the day during this time. A good rule of thumb is to pick a spot for your poinsettia, where a bright day will cause objects to cast soft, indistinct shadows, rather that hard, dark shadows. Poinsettias are notoriously hard to care for as a houseplant. It is particularly well known for its red and green foliage and is widely used in Christmas, floral displays. A south or west facing windowsill, providing bright, filtered sunlight will be ideal for a poinsettia. How to Grow and Care for Poinsettia Plants. Poinsettia plants don’t tolerate very arid conditions well, so you may need to take additional steps to humidify the local environment. The solution to this problem is to monitor the dampness of the soil of your poinsettia on a daily or alternate day basis, and only water the plant once the soil is almost dry. Root rot sets in if soil is waterlogged for too long, resulting in the roots being unable to access the essential oxygen that they need to respire. To keep your poinsettia healthy and beautiful for a long time, you have to consider just a few tips and tricks Continue to feed and water the plant on its normal schedule. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and other Amazon stores worldwide. Poinsettia Plant Care - How To Look After Your Poinsettia, Anthurium Not Flowering? This is your Poinsettia Care 101 Guide. Poinsettias are most comfortable between 65 and 75 degrees (18.33 to 23.89 degrees Celsius). Once you arrive home, unwrap your poinsettia as soon as possible and place it in a bright, warm, moderately humid location, free from draughts. Poinsettias are short day flowering plants. It is far more common for poinsettias to suffer from overwaterng than underwatering, so take care to ensure your plant is not becoming waterlogged at the roots. November 8, 2020 October 9, 2020 by Kristina Hicks-Hamblin. To make sure your Poinsettia or Christmas plant, is healthy until spring, you can prune it to a height … If you need to repot your poinsettia, an all purpose potting soil will ideal. It is most likely to be a problem if you purchase a young plant early in the season. April: Starting April 1, gradually decrease water, allowing the soil to get dry between waterings. The Aztecs in Mexico grew poinsettias, long before the first Europeans settled in the U.S. The poinsettia, native to Mexico, has become a traditional plant that can be seen in many homes around the winter holidays. Touch the soil and make sure it is neither too wet or overly dry. They are often disposed of once they start to fade, but with a little care, you can keep them all year and the bracts will colour up again the following year. There are a number of ways to eradicate pests such as whitefly, including using soap solution, rubbing alcohol, commercial insecticide and pruning severely damaged sections of the plant. I hope it’s a challenge that some of you will take up. Not completely necessary for those plant bought with intention of being enjoyed for the festive season. Sunlight should be available for the Poinsettia for at least five hours a day. A healthy plant will re-sprout leaves a couple of months later, so keep the soil fairly dry, and the plant warm until new growth occurs. This article will outline how to choose and care for a poinsettia plant correctly to enable you to enjoy them for as long as possible. Photo: This is why Poinsettia plants often react in a similar manner when they are over-watered and under-watered, and can make poinsettia plant care a little tricky at times. Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) is THE most famous seasonal plant on the planet. The poinsettia is a beautiful blooming house plant, which is particularly popular during the holiday season, where it is a wonderful addition to festive home decoration. If you want your plant to “bloom” throughout the holiday season, be sure to select a plant with bracts that are fresh and bold. Your email address will not be published. Place the poinsettia’s container on a tray or saucer to catch any moisture that drips from the drainage holes. ... How to Care for Your Poinsettia Plant . Throughout the spring, you should aim to expose your poinsettia to lightly cooler temperatures, of between 13 °C to 18 °C (55 °F to 65 °F). This means that flowering is triggered by long dark nights in the autumn, and poinsettias require at least 8 weeks where they are kept in darkness for at least 12 hours each day. Poinsettia care should begin immediately. They are absolutely everywhere during the Christmas season, from Christmas trees to wreaths, it's the ultimateChristmas decoration– aside from the Christmas tree, of course. Once the plant has fully matured, it can safely be positioned in a less bright location and you can halt fertilizing it. Avoidance of hot or cold draughts is essential to prevent leaf drop. QUESTION: How do you take care of a potted poinsettia indoors? They are not difficult to care for during the Year, but it is a challenge to get them to flower again next Winter. They don’t tolerate cold stress well at all, even if only for a short period of time. Check the moisture level of the soil where your poinsettia is growing each day. Since then it has become ubiquitous as a Christmas plant. If you give your poinsettia plant a bit of extra tender loving care, the poinsettia will stay pretty for several weeks, and sometimes several months. It wasn't until 1825 that the first U.S. ambassador to Mexico, Joel Roberts Poinsett, introduced the poinsettia to the U.S. Make sure that your poinsettia is wrapped up well when you purchase it to protect it physically for the journey home. With dying or dead roots, the plant is unable to absorb and use the water in the soil, despite there being an abundance of it available. It will need watering at least once a week over summer (more often in pots, or when it’s very hot and dry). At this point, ensure not to over-water. Poinsettias are most comfortable between 65 and 75 degrees (18.33 to 23.89 degrees Celsius). Poinsettias are fairly delicate plants, and careful transport home will ensure that your plant looks as good in your house as it did in the store. Make sure to thoroughly soak it each time. The poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) you bought for Christmas last year is probably now a small green shrub … and will remain a small green shrub if you don’t do something about it.Most poinsettias look something like this at the end of September: plenty of green leaves, but not a flower in … This will encourage the plant to become fuller and more bushy, producing a more aesthetically pleasing plant. It's one of the most festive holiday florals! If temperatures fall below this range, the plant may drop its foliage or start to suffer from cold stress. Thankfully, they are much less toxic than other varieties of euphorbia, but ingestion and contact with the milk sap should be avoided. When you are purchasing a poinsettia, it is important to pick one which has been in appropriate conditions in the store. The red “petals” we prize are actually leaflike bracts surrounding small, cup-shaped yellow blooms, although the bracts last longer than the tiny flowers. At this time, decrease watering … Bracts Are Small And Pale. Filtered light from a south or west facing window will be suitable in most homes. Poinsettias, being native to Mexico can’t tolerate excessive cold, and even fairly short lived exposure to temperatures below 10 Â°C (50 Â°F) can lead to leaf drop. You will need to prune the plant back to keep it below the height you wish your mature plant to be the following winter. If you identify this, you should move your poinsettia to a less bright area, although the color is unlikely to improve. First, let’s start with how to care for poinsettias during their “blooming” season. Learn How to grow Poinsettia plant, poinsettia care, Growing Poinsettia and more about plants in this article. Holiday Poinsettia Plant Care. Examine the soil of the plant to ensure that it has been watered. This can result in leaves gradually turning yellow before falling off. After the end of November, you can resume normal light conditions for your plant. Re-blooming a poinsettia for next Christmas is a challenge that will bring you great satisfaction. Our gardening obsessed editors and writers choose every product we review. You can do this by putting your plant in a dark room or by covering it with a box to ensure it receives at least 12 hours of darkness. Although it is a succulent, poinsettia does like a reasonable amount of moisture. Decorating Poinsettia plants for the holidays has become a tradition for many of us. Poinsettias are absolutely everywhere during the holidays, and for good reason! Poinsettias will provide a colorful display for several months if cared for correctly. Poinsettias thrive best in bright, indirect sunlight. You should fertilize the plant every two weeks with a water soluble, all purpose fertilizer. You should ensure that poinsettias are kept away from warm draughts from heating vents or radiators. It is very common for this to occur if a plant has been kept in a pot with insufficient drainage, or the pot has been wrapped in waterproof wrapping, impairing drainage. Hi, I’m Andrew, and Smart Garden Guide is my website all about indoor gardening and houseplants. And, with good care, a poinsettia plant can maintain its beauty for much longer than the Christmas season. Beneath the layer of colorful leaves surrounding the flowers, there should be several layers of healthy green leaves. We've got all the info you need when you're bringing home a few of these popular Christmas plants: How to choose one that will last for months, a breakdown of some of the different varieties you can find, and how to keep them looking their best. The Poinsettia plant is a commercially important plant.The plant is native to Mexico and there are over 100 cultivated varieties. Choose a location for your poinsettia where it will not come into contact with drafts or blasts of heated air (from your home’s climate control system or a space heater, for example). Poinsettia plants are native to Mexico, where they can grow up to 16 feet (4.9 m) tall. This will ensure that the poinsettia is nearer the start of it’s colorful display than the end. This can cause localized irritation to the skin and eyes, so care should be taken when handling them. Poinsettia plant care is relatively easy. This is a sign the plant is too stressed and is dying. This is likely due to over-watering and root rot. Don’t forget to look at both sides of the leaves, the stems and soil for any evidence of infestation. Poinsettia Plant Care Troubleshooting. Since poinsettia plants are from the tropics, they prefer surroundings that simulate that type of environment. You should ensure that the pot your poinsettia is in has plenty of drainage holes and, if using a drip tray, avoid letting the base of the pot sit in water for a long time. The temperature in winter is much too cold for poinsettias to be comfortable in most of the world. For continual bloom of your poinsettia care following Christmas, the plant also needs day temps between 65 and 70 degrees F. (18 and 21 C.) and slightly cooler at night, though keep it above 60 F. (15 C.) to avoid leaf drop. Keeping Poinsettia Plants Beautiful In Season. Once the excess moisture has finished draining from the soil, pour out the water that is standing in the tray or saucer beneath the container. Remember to bring the poinsettias back indoors as soon as you can once they’ve served their purpose. Poinsettias are native to tropical regions, so require bright light to thrive. This is often a sign of insufficient light. Required fields are marked *. I would advise stopping feeding your plant about the middle of December as the flowers and bracts develop. Poinsettia plants are ideally suited to the indoor temperatures of most homes of between 60-70 Â°F (16-21 °C). The best strategy is to water the plant as soon as the soil feels dry to the touch. Enjoy your stay at Smart Garden Guide. Your poinsettia should receive at least six hours of light each day, whether it receives sunlight or artificial light. So in the case of a poinsettia plant, those pops of colors are actually leaves. While most people purchase poinsettias for there attractive Christmas display, they are perennial plants and can be kept all year round, in the hopes that they will flower again the following winter. Keep watering the plant until the moisture drips from the drainage holes in the bottom of its container. Poinsettias should be kept in a warm area away from drafts, so make sure that the poinsettia you purchase from the store is on display in suitable conditions. Poinsettia Plant. Poinsettia Care Tips Start By Selecting A Quality Plant. Poinsettia plants are susceptible to a number of infestations, but are most prone to whitefly. And that all begins with knowing a little about the plant, and it’s blooming cycle. Poinsettias are in full bloom when you buy them, but few ever bloom again.