The heftiest weight reported for a male lion is approximately 600 pounds -- almost 200 pounds more than the average. Do everything you can to fight it off. Try to block the mountain lion from your eyes and face as you strike it. And that apparently extends to fighting in the same weight class. An average adult should be able to ward off an attack by fighting … 4 years ago. I'm interested to see how RDA looks on the scale as well. In one of the Best Fights of 2015, cruiserweights Mike Lemaire and Jake Poss leave it all in the ring in a crazy, crazy fight at Lion Fight 25. The Muay Thai organization Lion Fight will feature three title fights on its next card at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, CT. One of these fights, a light heavyweight bout between Brett Hlavacek (18-6) and Elijah Clarke (8-1), will be for a North American title – the first time Lion Fight has put up this kind of belt for any weight class, according to information from the company. He did say he was training for a triathalon and that he was a lot lighter than usual, but I'm sure it's going to be a very tough weight cut regardless. The World Boxing Council has unveiled a new weight class that has been named in honour of six-year-old Bridger Walker, who was brutally attacked by a … Typically the weight classes in UFC will be the equivalent of over two of Boxing’s e.g. This can make it a bit hit and miss as to who is the best at these weight classes under full Thai rules so you may be best watching Glory (or Lion Fight if you can find it). Boxing weight classes brackets tend to be much narrower with brackets between 3 – 8 lbs all the way up to cruiserweight. UFC weight classes are in brackets of between 10-15 lbs. Then, aim punches or kicks at the lion’s head or eyes to turn the lion off and scare it away. Fun fighters I like to watch are Littewida (Rittewada sometimes), Muangthai, Seksan, Panpayak, Yodlekpet which are heavier for Thais at 135/140 lbs. Weight classes are dumb too because fighters fuck around cutting weight to make the weigh in by going into saunas and spitting into a bucket all day. AXS … Large as some lions are, Siberian tigers -- a Panthera tigris subspecies -- grow to more than 930 pounds in weight in extreme cases. Then they rehydrate 10 lbs and fight bigger than their weigh in. Damn his face looks really thin. AlexTheBoss. The average height of the Siberian tiger is slightly under 4 feet at the shoulders. Talk about scamming the system as they all want to fight at a weight class smaller than they really are. The abnormallylarge male freak Panatal jaguar will give a damn good fight to a large African lion, but despite the fight, he will ... the Lion is in a different weight-class. Additionally, try to retreat to an open area instead of a thicket or forest where the lion could follow you. If that doesn’t work and the lion charges, attempt to remain standing so you can fight back. The mountain lion will most likely attempt to tackle you and crush your skull or bite your throat.