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No idea what the "resale value" of my Epi will be in 25 yrs. "Construction will certainly be, on average, higher-quality when it comes to Gibson instruments. It’s light and well balanced. 3. Common features found on most Epiphone G-Series guitars include a double-cutaway Mahogany body with humbucker pickups and a rosewood fretboard. I have the Tony Iommi epiphone and I can say it is one of my favorite guitars that I play it has incredible sustain you can hit one note and it'll hold for a long time i have to say it is an incredible guitar for it's price and it comes with a picture of Tony Iommi and a few other things if you are a fan of the riff master Tony Iommi. The nitrocellulose will age and wear like a vintage guitar from the 60's (finish checking, wear-through on areas where you rub on it like the lower bout or the back of the neck), so after 20 years it will look like a "vintage" guitar. The Epiphone SG™ Muse from the new Inspired by Gibson™ Collection features a classic SG profile with a mahogany body powered by high output Alnico Classic PRO™ humbuckers™ with coil-splitting and phase controls plus a treble bleed circuit to maintain clarity at lower volumes. The Strat's been too overrated I guess. That’s my two cents. I think you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference if you could do a true A-B comparison. Epiphone G-400 Exclusive Deluxe PRO Electric Guitar. Hardware -- the only significant difference in hardware between the two is the tuners. In This Epiphone Sg G-400 Pro we get a,three-way toggle switch two volume controls and two tone controls. Guitar Gopher (author) on December 27, 2018: Thanks for adding your observations, Earth Dog. The bottom line is that this is an entry level good guitar. Firstly with the Epi,unless you are really lucky, you will have to level the majority of the frets to stop it buzzing all over when you attempt to lower it's action to something more useful than the one they gave you in the factory:set high to disguise the un-levelled frets. And the American Qc has proven to me they are more reliable than Gibson lately. beautiful and this model is having 60’s style SG as well .So we get a sixty slim tapered deep profile neck as well which actually feels really great in the hand as well . It's a no-brainer, right? The Gibson SG is one of the most iconic guitars in history. The Epiphone SG Pro having mahogany body and a mahogany neck and it looks absolutely beautiful . You can mod it later on, but even left stock it is plenty good enough for bands, gigging and recording. but you might be wondering how it’s going to help you choose between Epiphone and Gibson. At first look these two instruments appear nearly identical. I have a Joe pass & a ej200sc and can't fault them. That might be another factor to consider. Introduced in 1989, the Epiphone G-Series is a line of Gibson-authorized copies of the famous Gibson SG. Pickups can be changed, and if you decided you weren’t happy with the stock Epi pickups you could swap them out for Gibsons or something else down the road. absolutely magic.&my 16yr old gradnson has just bought a epiphone sg pro. All in all they sound cheap and lack definition and sustain and if you played the Epi without these mods with the strings catching the frets you will soon realise that your guitar has no sustain at all because of these factors. Like many affordable guitars, it lacks some of the sonic sophistication of upmarket pickups. People Also Chek For Best Speaker Reviews. Every studio guitarist will find a strat useful in their collection. I imagine the Gibson's selector switch is more robust and will last longer (although I have no evidence to support this since both switches work fine so far). Neck Profile -- the Gibson has a much thinner neck profile than the Epi. Construction will certainly be, on average, higher-quality when it comes to Gibson instruments. Let’s get started. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. DID I SAY HE'S BOUGHT.! Pickups -- different pickups yield different sounds. Epiphone is a guitar company that is great at what it does, where Gibson is a great guitar company period. The bridge and tailpiece on both are pretty much equal as far as I can tell. Free shipping. Having played dozens of Epiphones and dozens of Gibsons over the past 30+ years, including both of these guitars on many occasions, I'm pretty darned certain that Gibson quality and construction is (typically) better. While the specs read like they are essentially the same basic guitar when it comes to tonewoods, this isn’t something you should take for granted. After all these mods I love my Epi G400 Pro and it is now simply the best guitar I own. That’s one way to build an awesome custom guitar without spending custom guitar money. People Also Check For Best Yamaha Guitars. 7. They are pretty much in line with the differences I've typically seen between Epiphone and Gibson guitars. The Les Paul SG was born in 1961, but Les Paul himself was none too happy with this decision, and asked to have his name removed from the redesigned instrument. The Best thing about the Epiphone G400 Pro is the price. So, the question isn't so much which guitar is better, but which is better for your needs and budget. Otherwise, unless somebody understands what to look for they probably won’t know or care if you are playing an Epiphone or a Gibson. This is not necessarily good or bad, just different. Of course the ultimate decision is up to you. Pre-Owned. The SG guitar in any variant simply screams rock and roll, so forgive me if I skip the introduction. From Japan. Are you one of those players? Gibson Brands, Inc. respects your right to privacy. Neck construction -- the Gibson's neck is shaped from a single piece of Mahogany, while the Epiphone's uses a scarf joint to join the headstock to the neck, and another joint to fill out the heel at the other end where it joins the body. Now, the G-400 PRO gives you the sound and look of a real SG without the vintage price tag and with the added tonal variety that you've come to expect from Epiphone. which he has always wanted. The Epiphone Limited-Edition 1966 G-400 PRO Electric Guitar is a Gibson-authorized version of their great '66 SG with a solid mahogany body and slim taper set mahogany neck. In my opinion, the Gibson SG Standard is a pretty affordable guitar for what it … C … Would I rather have this, or a customary Epiphone Les Paul? We’ll also see how it performs against other Epiphone’s in a similar price bracket. But you have to ask yourself if the difference in price is worth it. In my opinion, the Gibson SG Standard is a pretty affordable guitar for what it brings to the table, and kind of a bargain. Nick profile with slide around you think about inches is really comfortable to play . If you want some of Gibson SG magic … You can also push-pull volume control to split the coil . The price point is the only thing that really justifies the lack of craftsmanship.. I think all u less Paul owners are so sad that the sg g400 looks and sounds better than all 3000.00 dollar over priced and over rated golden nugget guitars go ahead and bring them to the pawn shop and get your 150.00 put another 200.00 with it and get all a good guitar Lol. In fact you could not even classify it as an instrument. I bought in the '80s for $200, played if for 25 yrs, and sold it for $1,200. 13) Epiphone Les Paul STANDARD PLUS-TOP PRO Electric Guitar with Coil-Tapping, Honey Burst If you are an intermediate level player, this electric guitar will help to polish your skills further. But upgraded hardware, classy looks, versatile pickups, and coil tapping make it one hell of a value for gigging players who hate the hassle of multiple instruments. My choice is the Alnico II magnets. Isn't the point to actually review the guitars rather than make unfounded speculative claims. Epiphone’s G-400 PRO is a distinct improvement on its predecessor. Epiphone began manufacturing the G-310 SG over 15 years ago, due to such high demand for a cheaper alternative to the famous Gibson SG.The G-310 is modeled after the 1967 version of the Gibson SG, which includes double humbucker pickups, rather than some of the other pickup variations Gibson was using in the early sixties, such a single or double P-90s or triple PAF pickups with gold covers.Read on to learn more about the specs an… As always, I invite you to do your own research and draw your own conclusions. Epiphone Sg G-400 Pro  : The detailed taking on a Electric Beginners Best Guitar "Epiphone Sg G-400 Pro" . or Best Offer. The Epi's poly will probably not wear at all. Today we’ll take a look at two SG’s from different places pitting the Gibson SG against the Epiphone SG.The biggest difference here is quality.Gibson’s are made in the USA and Epiphone’s are made overseas in China or Korea. No noticeable noise difference. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Epiphone G-400 SG Electric Guitar, Cherry (OLD MODEL) at I pick up a Gibson SG on the other hand, and immediately I’m like, “yeah” just by the general heft and solid feel as I take note of the impeccably manicured and bound fretboard.. Then as I check the neck I notice there are no dead spots, no buzzes. For that year they had slide switches instead of a toggle, the only time Gibson has done that, I think. Gibson uses rosewood for the fingerboard, while Epiphone has switched to pau ferro. These guitars just don’t need one. Electronics -- the internal components of the guitar (which let's face it are just 4 pots, 2 capacitors, a switch, and a jack) are of higher "quality" on the Gibson, although there's nothing wrong with the Epi's components. They’re made in the USA to very high standards, and their guitars show it. In the late 1950s the Fender Stratocaster was giving Gibson heavy competition in the solid-body guitar market, so they set about redesigning a Les Paul with a lighter double-cutaway design that might be a little more appealing to then-modern players. Been playing Epi SG's for 25 plus years and it's still my favorite guitar. Both styles are perfectly adequate although the Epi's Grovers are smoother and more precise. I also think it’s important to avoid the notion that Epiphones are low-budget knock-offs. I think that would be a big improvement to an already excellent guitar. Fender 24.75" Scale set-in mahogany neck . All of that information can bail you out if you find yourself on Jeopardy! I think that’s an important point, because it’s all too easy to get hung up on the name on the headstock and not truly consider your needs and budget. The G-Series originally consisted of only two guitars, the Epiphone G-310 and Epiphone G-400. We get two humbuckers that we can also split coil or coil tap using the volume controls on .Each of these pots as you can use or we can pull these up and down and split the coils that way. So, which will you choose: the Epiphone G-400 PRO or Gibson SG Standard? A wonderful invention that changed the industry With a distinctive tone you will recognize without a doubt. Epiphone is owned by Gibson, and makes some of the best budget alternatives to Gibson guitars. E 9 5 S C X 1 p A o V n X A A s o r e d. Epiphone G400 SG PRO 2013 TV Silver Custom Shop Limited Edition Good condition. Given the sheer amount of these things that Gibson has sold over the years, any major update to the Epiphone Les Paul Standard must be a big deal for the company. Epiphone’s 1966 SG G-400 PRO Price: $582 (list); $349 (street) Info: Gibson’s SG is a classic design with plenty of great players behind it, from Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend, and Jerry Garcia to Tony Iommi, Angus Young, and Mick Box of Uriah Heep, to name a few. Subscribe. OK, I actually own both an Epi G400 and a Gibson SG (faded brown). In this Epiphone DC Pro review we’ll take a look the styling, the hardware, the tone and the practicality of this rather stylish looking guitar. Pre-Owned. These are good pickups, especially in this price range. The Epi's pickups really lack any decent sustain on them and the way they are wired up leaves a lot to be desired . Maybe not. I still need to replace and rewire my Bridge humbucker. Required fields are marked *. It’s tough to compare the G-400 to a guitar three times its price, and made by one of the finest guitar companies in the world. I should say that I have played some Epi SG's that were pretty crappy, and some that were really nice. These Epiphone acoustic guitar models are also great value and offer more premium features which add to the look, feel and tone of the guitar. The point is the SG has a long lineage behind it, and in many ways the G-400 is a continuation of the magic Gibson created when it launched the original Les Paul SG. 4. Read up and Pay attention. Bottom line: play both and pick the one you like. I can't speak to their experience but on my Epi the fretboard feels great and has no issues. Guitar Gopher is a guitarist and bassist with over 35 years of experience as a musician. Prices for the Epiphone Les Paul Muse start at $499, while the SG comes in at just $429. Although this SG doesn’t quite have the velvety woodiness of the very finest examples of the breed, it’s still an absolute blast to play and a rather wild and thrilling ride. Mostly because of the players that played it. Epiphone G-400 Pro SG - Cherry Reviews Reviews | Sweetwater Epiphone Sg G-400 Pro in My pros and cons about this guitar and let you know what I think. The original SG not only rivaled guitars of its own era for sonic variety but also proved to be a sign of things to come. So because you are not paying top whack Gibson prices don't be too precious about it and be prepared to rip out the guts of your new Epiphone G400 Pro to get a better guitar. Checkout ... SG Standard 60s Maestro Vibrola. As I have mentioned once in my “Epiphone G-400 Pro Ebony Electric Guitar Real SG Experience” review, I really like the structure and design of SG guitars, especially in terms of being extremely comfortable playing in the upper register. Really there is no comparison and I can't wait to ditch and replace the bridge pup. Same for the Gibson. are of a exceptional high standard (I am a retired joiner. ) It’s pretty rough. Epiphone Sg G-400 Pro neck pickup obviously you can split coil .The these pickups so this will use in the humbucker position and we'll flick it to the single coil split as well so here's the Booker will clean tone as a split coil same again then for middle position which is both pickups together we'll,start with both of them on a the regular humbucker that will split coil just. Needless to say, the Les Paul and SG both hung in the there and went on become two of the most beloved guitars in the world. I put the word "quality" in quotes because these components are so simple it's hard to make a case that one is better than the other in most cases. I am a big fan of these pickups, and used them in my Les Pauls at one time. Later! If I were doing studio work, I think I might opt for a regular Les Paul. The scarf joint construction tends to be more resistant to breakage as the grain, which runs straight down the neck, will end up running across the headstock on the Gibson as it angles back, making it more prone to splitting. I'm probably going to swap out the Epi pickups some day; probably cost about $200 to put whatever set of pickup you want in either guitar. That is truly what this decision comes down to. If your wallet dictates you must choose the G-400 PRO over the SG, I don’t think you should feel bad about it one bit. Unfortunately, while it is worth every dime, the SG comes with a price tag that’s a little too steep for some players. Anyway, my favorite is the Gibson SG Les Paul Custom made in the early 1960s, about 6,000 of which were produced. It is not yet totally finished. 2 Finish Options . I can sit down and play it. Epiphone SG G-400 Pro : Corps & manche. On eBay they go for around 25K or more. Not too much sizzle, and fairly articulate. The Epiphone G-400 isn’t a copy, and it isn’t a new idea. 2 user reviews on Epiphone 1966 G-400 Pro. Modeled after the original '60s SG, the G-400 Exclusive Deluxe PRO features a AAA flame maple veneer top and coil-splitting Alnico Classic PRO … Your email address will not be published. It just validated what I thought I was hearing. OK another couple of differences I have noticed: 1. This might make the comparison seem a little unfair from the beginning. Here’s what I think: It’s important to realize there is not nearly the same kind of massive price gap between the Gibson SG and Epiphone G-400 PRO as there is between the Gibson Les Paul and Epiphone Les Paul. 2. Friend has one that feels like a Louisville slugger. Sign Up for Epiphone News & Special Offers. Additionally, the LP and SG are available in a variety of very cool metallic finishes, including Radio Blue Metallic, Wanderlust Green Metallic, Purple Passion Metallic, Smoked Almond Metallic, Pearl White Metallic and Scarlet Red Metallic and more. Epiphone Les Paul Custom Classic Pro - Limited Edition - Electric Guitar, Alpine White But if I were playing gigs, I’d go with the DC Pro. Fretboard -- someone on here made a comment to the effect that they felt the Epi needed a bunch of fretwork (leveling, polishing, whatever). The Gibson SG Standard features a Gibson 490R/490T pickup set. Remember that guitar companies change their instruments at times, so be sure to check out the respective company websites for the latest info on their guitars. They are hot enough for metal and hard rock, but versatile enough for jazz and blues. Some say this makes a difference in the "resonance" of the wood. e Epiphone Limited Edition 1966 G-400 Electric Guitar is a Gibson-authorized version of their great '66 SG with a solid mahogany body and slim-taper set mahogany neck. So, Epiphone gives us the G-400, their version of the Gibson SG. Gibson is one of the finest guitar companies in the world, and Epiphone specializes in affordable guitars for beginners and intermediate players. The SG Story: When the SG, or "Solid Guitar," was introduced in 1961 as a replacement for the Les Paul Standard, it was called the "fretless wonder" for its low frets and fast action. The thinner Gibson neck is more prone to breaking when it slides off the front of the amp where you leaned it to go take a leak. Both guitars feature mahogany bodies with set mahogany necks. While the Alnico Classics are fine, I’d really rather see Epiphone’s ProBucker pickups in this guitar, even if it meant a bump in price. Finish -- the Gibson is finished in nitrocellulose lacquer while the Epi is finished in some sort of poly. If an Epiphone SG has really good pickup's then it will sound great. The Epiphone SG Pro having mahogany body and a mahogany neck and it looks absolutely beautiful . When plugged in, to my ear the Epi pickups don't sound as crisp or sparkly as the Gibson humbuckers. You feel like a rock star playing the Gibson; not so much with the Epi. Epiphone Sg G-400 Pro : The detailed taking on a Electric Beginners Best Guitar "Epiphone Sg G-400 Pro" . Great playability and great sound for a hell of a good price. You can find endless discussions about whether one approach is "superior" to the other. Epiphone honors the historic SG, one of the most original designs in rock, with the G-400 PRO, which now features Alnico Classic PROTM pickups and push/pull coil-tapping. It’s a hard-rock tone machine, but easily at home in blues, jazz or country as well. $379.00. The SG is a legend, and well worth the asking price. Sg is my favorite Gibson. Some subtle-yet-significant differences make this one special. For the purpose of this article I’ll be comparing the Epiphone G-400 PRO and the Gibson SG Standard. While the G-400 certainly will never be on-par with the SG, it is a quality instrument that just might be a better choice for some players, and one of the best electric guitars under $500. Here are the significant differences: 1. This is a very affordable guitar so it’s suitable for beginners as well as intermediate players or just anyone at that wants that SG sound. Some distortion tones and then go over to some clean tones as well this is bridge pickup . It’s important to realize there is not nearly the same kind of massive price gap between the Gibson SG and Epiphone G-400 PRO as there is between the Gibson Les Paul and Epiphone Les Paul. No way around that I guess. They have a push-pull coil tap feature, which adds a little versatility. 5. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. Below is a table comparing the Gibson SG Standard and Epiphone G-400 specs. Epiphone Sg G-400 Pro :The trapezoid inlays all the way up the fretboard Wilkinson provide the tuners, which have a true vintage look to them while ensuring good stability pickup wise as to our Neko classic Pro humbuckers and both have the capability of being caught up this means you can get some great single core tones from the SG model just by having the push-pull volume pots . It is a true classic among classics in the guitar world, and if you play anything from hard rock to heavy metal the SG design might be exactly what you are looking for. However, I know some players must stick to a certain budget, and I totally understand that. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I think this is true in general whenever we are making an Epiphone vs Gibson comparison. SG Classic Worn P-90s. Modern. I also 100% agree with your bottom line conclusion. This doesn’t mean the Epiphone G-400 isn’t a quality instrument. Tough to say. You can buy a pre-soldered wiring harness that uses the exact same components as the Gibson for about $80 (CTS pots, Sprague capacitors, Switchcraft jack and switch) and drop it in the Epi and see if it makes a difference. The pickup's are a major factor. $549.00. Believe me it is worth it but just don't expect your Epi to play with factory set ups straight out of the box. And now, with the introduction of Epiphone’s Les Paul Custom Pro, there’s now another reason to … Epiphone Sg G-400 Pro neck okay we'll switch those round now we'll split call then the bridge position . All-mahogany guitars can get a little muddy and boomy with the wrong pickups, but I think these are a really good fit. In this Epiphone Ltd Edition 1966 g400 Pro review we’ll have a look at this remake of a vintage classic and find out if it’s worth buying. The smooth playing action and black and white finish of the Les Paul Custom has always made it just as, if not more, of an attractive option than the Les Paul Standard. As with hardware, you can expect Gibson electronics to be higher quality on average across the board. The build quality of Epiphone guitars have gotten as good as it gets. There are different versions of each guitar, which we will get into below, but this ought to serve as a decent base for comparison. China of course, splendid color lake placid blue kind but greenish tint, mine has a white pearl pickguard wow. This may or may not have implications for tone and tuning stability. As stated the price differences are unreal and the quality is not worthy of that price gap.also the playing and materials (i.e..woods.) C $1,305.29. Intonation out of the box was spot on, and the action very acceptable. Next you will have to rip out the poor quality pickups and sort out the wiring. If the Gibson really is better quality then demonstrate that. You will have to wire up your next set of pickups to Gibson 50's humbucker wiring specifications to max the output. The Bottom Line. Epiphone G-400 PRO is not my favorite go-to guitar, but I definitely like it and would love to own one in the future. A review of the affordable Epiphone G400. I have long been of the opinion that you don't need to spend a bunch of cash to grab a great guitar, and I think Epiphone is one of those brands that proves my point. Your email address will not be published. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. At that price you don't mind doing things to it that you simply would not do on your precious Gibson Standard! Across the board, when it comes to appointments and hardware you’re going to see higher-quality components and craftsmanship on the Gibson. It's got a set mahogany neck featuring the well-known slim tapered e profile and it's fitted with a 22 fret rosewood fingerboard . Aside from the SG Standard, Gibson has a few comparable versions in their lineup: Epiphone offers fewer versions of their SG, but there are a couple of other options besides the G-400 PRO, most notably: As I’ve said throughout this article, in my opinion the decision comes down to how much you are willing to spend for an increase in quality. Of course Gibson has the edge here. Cachet -- Isn't this the real difference? I kept it on to compare directly with the new pickup I put in on the Neck side. 6. I had a 1973 Gibson SG Pro that sounded great but wouldn't stay in tune, and the strings would frequently slip off the bridge saddles (because of the design - the angle of the strings over the bridge was very shallow). The Epiphone SG special is an excellent guitar that has almost everything at the regular Gibson SG does but at a lower price point. However, Epiphone has made many improvements in recent years, and the gap isn’t as wide as it once was. This helps to produce a well-balanced guitar which is incredibly important .When you perform an the body is made from mahogany  .The excellent shaping around .It really does feel comfortable. Review Cart. Guitar Gopher (author) on April 10, 2017: @Naetharu: This is hardly an "unfounded, speculative claim". The Epiphone G-400 is equipped with Alnico Classic PRO humbuckers. Moving up from the entry-level guitars are the Epiphone Dove Pro Guitar, Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Guitar, Epiphone AJ-220SCE Guitar and Epiphone Masterbilt Guitars just to name a few. It’s more comfortable to play. How does the Epiphone G-400 PRO compare to the Gibson SG Standard? Both guitars are really underrated. What it does mean is you have to ask yourself if the difference in quality is worth the difference in price. The G-400 PRO is among the best intermediate-level electric guitars out there, for an almost stupid-affordable price. 1 Finish Options . Epiphone are back with their version of the Gibson Double Cut guitar. Musicians such as Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath and Angus Young of AC/DC put this guitar on the map, and for decades guitarists have flocked to the SG for its sound, looks and of course that awesome Gibson vibe. it’s a fine piece of American history. It is a classic, just like the Gibson SG itself. And Greg la Cruz the Fender Strat is not over rated. Gibson simplified the name to SG, for “Solid Guitar”. sounds really cool you heard it,in the intro track this guitar features a power Ferro fingerboard and notice we also get the trapezoid inlays as well . Basée sur les modèles SG vintage des années 1960, notamment de la SG de 1962, l’Epiphone SG G-400 Pro emprunte la forme emblématique de la SG Gibson, et comme cette dernière, sa caisse est en acajou qui permet de conserver la palette tonale permettant à la G-400 de délivrer des sons assez proches de sa grande sœur. One notable difference is the shape and size of the pickguard. Though, I think some things such as neck profile will vary depending on year and exact model. I have played and owned many Gibson SG's. If you think you’ve seen all that Epiphone has to offer, think again. Also, the Gibson's headstock angle is steeper than the Epiphone's (17 degrees as opposed to 14 on the Epi I believe). My opinion don't mean nothing but we all know its true Lol. The classic pro is alnico v while the probucker is alnico ii, A noticeable difference in quality from the regular alnico classics. The Epi has very nice sealed Grover rotomatics; the Gibson has the traditional Kluson-style tuners with the plastic tulip-shaped buttons. The Epi's wiring cavity is fully shielded but the wires from the pickups are not. You might not know this, but the Gibson SG design first came about as a replacement for the Gibson Les Paul. Visually and ergonomically, it is almost identical to a 1962 SG. Both guitars have the basic controls you’d expect in an SG: Three-way pickup selector switch, and a volume and tone control for each pickup. While, admittedly, things get a little murky when trying to figure which woods guitars companies decide to use on which guitars, I think it is safe to assume the woods used in the Gibson version are of higher quality than the G-400 version. In traditional format the instrument does everything you would expect. Of course Gibson has the edge here.". I think they go well with an all-mahogany guitar, which makes a lot of sense. It is made with exclusive attention to quality, and the modest design makes it look more decent. 2 Volume, 2 Tone, 3-way, push-pull coil tap. Launched as part of Epiphone’s 140th-anniversary celebrations in 2013, this classic rock guitar has got a lot of character at a very affordable price. Here you've just assumed it without any evidence at all. If it is at all reasonable, I think I’d much prefer to drop the extra cash on the Gibson. Well the good news is that it will not cost you a packet to fix but will need some time and know how investing in it if you don't want to take it to a guitar tech. I have a Epiphone G400 1966 edition and its awesome has a great sound and feel the pickups have a good clean tone and have nice crunch/muddy tone when you put a amp in overdrive all and all its a great guitar for $400. Well, read on and find out. Epiphone SG PRO Electric Guitar VOX Amplifier Set With Case Rare. It’s tough to compare the G-400 to a guitar three times its price, and made by one of the finest guitar companies in the world. The G-400 (or sometimes G400) is an Epiphone solid body electric guitar model produced as a more modestly priced version of the famous Gibson SG.Currently, Epiphone is a subsidiary of Gibson and manufactures the G-400 and other budget models at a lower cost in Asia. Another is the shape of the headstock. (my wife & I bought him). Get better pickups there are loads available some at reasonable prices. Remember: A great guitar player can make a good guitar sound great! Honestly both guitars sound pretty much the same unplugged although the Epi is a bit "darker". Epiphone Sg G-400 Pro instrument now features an our Niko classic Pro humbucker with all-new core tapping the Epiphone G 400 Pro utilizes .The same dimensions as used in the late 60s at their legendary Kalamazoo factory . Kelley Marks from Sacramento, California on September 16, 2017: I own a 1971 Gibson SG Standard. Once again, of course Gibson has the advantage here. And has a unique town that resonates like no other on full bends I’m not that proud of Gibson Qc though. ... 1 Finish Options . They’re made in the USA to very high standards, and their guitars show it. Epiphone SG PRO G-400 ebony guitar w/case new 9.7 9.2 9.8 2: Epiphone Dot Semi-Hollow Guitar - Vintage Sunburst 9.6 9.1 9.7 3: Epiphone Les Paul Jr Goldtop - Relic Vintage Style Guitar - By Boneyard